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With all the recent changes with blogspot and their format I have found it to hard to keep using them.  
I have tried to keep up but i am having post disappear and formatting gone astray.  
We are trying to build a new site without word press from scratch.
www.ouroffgridsolarcabin.com is the new site.  It is a work in progress and have a lot to move there.

Be patient with us.   thanks for following us.


A few video's from our visit to our home the off grid solar cabin. the first week of July

Just a short update

Over view of what we are doing at the cabin

Our Plumbing in the cabin expalined

Great customer service got the right Charge controller for our wind power

Free HDTV from antennadeals.com brought to us by TIM

Showing what channels we had and what we got using the new ANT.

The day we left the cabin and a review of what we got done.


latest video's

Just my little talk about off grid life.

Future Light fixture in the off grid cabin


Our future plans for our next trip home to the cabin.

We got a lot done the last trip home.   We got our solar upgraded, wind power installed.   Got the basic 120 volt wiring done so we have lights and plugins for our basic needs.
We did get half of the cabin guttered for our water collection and did get 3 of our 55 gallon drums hooked up to collect rain water.
We had to spend a large amount of time creating drainage for the property and road.  That was to much fun.
We did use the echo temp shower in a out door way to keep clean and have hot water
We got 6 more 55 gallon drums and one 225 gallon tote.   We plan on getting 3 to 4 more totes and 10 more 55 gallon drums.
For a 7 day stay at our off grid cabin (FUTURE RETIREMENT HOME) we got a lot done.   We had help from a fellow you tube friend and our neighbor came over to help.   Over all we were very pleased with ourselves.   Check out the you tube channel if you want.
Our off grid solar cabin

On our next trip we plan the following

1) finish the rain collection system
2) insulate the walls
3) install the shower unit and finish all the plumbing.
4) get some gravel brought in
5) add more fencing
6) maybe start adding the wall covering
7) clear more land
8) finish the lighting in the bathroom and kitchen
9) make conter tops from our table tops
10) what ever else we find needs to be fixed or done.

Couple video's one on our echo temp shower and the other a update on wood stove


Couple more video's for you viewing pleasure

Just a couple more videos of things we did at our off grid solar cabin

This is Tim helping me setup the wind turbine.

Below is a over view of our DC wiring and explaination


Update on what we have accomplished at the cabin

We first of all would like to thank all who follow our blog, G+, youtube and FB.   It gives us great pleasure knowing people are interested in our life.

On to the meat of the post.

We upgraded our solar from minimal to 500 watts of solar.  2 x 24 volt panels 0r 69.4 volt and 10 amps input.
Added our Midnite Solar Classic MPPT Charge controller which does great things with the wattage, voltage and amperage.  It can charge our 420 amp hour battery bank in less than 2 hours with good sun.  Plus as we use the power it keeps the batteries topped off.

We added a 800 watt 12 volt wind turbine to help on cloudy days and at night and it sure did the trick when we had rainy weather for 2 1/2 days.   Had no battery issues once we had both solar and wind joined together.

We added the start of our rain collection system.  we have 165 gallons of storage tied into the gutter system and next time we are home we will tie in 7 more 55 gallon drums for a total of 550 gallons of water storage.   We also purchased a 225 gallon tote to capture all our grey water to use in the garden and on plants.   Will end up buying 4 more 225 to 275 gallon totes to add to our water storage.

We completely wired the cabin for 120 volt and tied the 120 volt panel to the 12 volt inverter so we can just plug in or flip a switch like any normal house in america.

We had to do a little drainage work on the property to help relieve us of the front yard pond.   We have a lot to do but we are doing it step by step.

Check out the You tube channel for more video's.  http://www.youtube.com/user/OurOffGridSolarCabin  We will be post a bunch more video's as we get them edited and find good internet.

We are back on the road now and making plans for our next visti home to our Off Grid Solar Cabin.    God Bless.

couple video's one on the wind turbine and a short slide show of how we left the cabin


UPDATE 5-19-13

Just a short update.   We have spent  a week at the cabin.   Updating our solar and adding wind power.   We got some of our rain water collection system installed so we now can collect 160 gallons of water.   Once we get it complete then we will have 550 gallons of rain water storage and 225 gallon grey water storage to water the trees and bushes.

We now have
500 watts of solar.   2x250 watt 24 volt solar world panels usa made purchased from Arizona Wind and Sun.
800 watt 12 volt wind turbine from Missouri Wind and Solar
420 amp hour battery bank  4 x 6 volt 210 amp hour batteries wired series parallel
Midnite Solar Classic 150 Charge controller for the solar  a MPPT controller
The wind is using the dump load charge controller bought from MWAS.

We have wired the cabin 120 volts and using a 1500/3000 watt Modified sine wave inverter to power the 120 volt panel.

We have all LED lighting in the cabin to keep the energy use to a low.

We have the ability to shower using a propane instant on shower system.  At the moment we shower outside the cabin since we havent finished the bathroom yet.

Below will be a couple video shot off my phone.   We be uploading many more video's once I get the video footage edited and find good internet.

Thanks for your interest in our off grid life.   God Bless.

Sorry for the bad video not good with the phone camera


Unloading in Cali getting ready to see what we get to OK to work on Cabin

We are now in California getting this load off.   We have home time set to get us home after this load.   We hope all goes well and we get a load very close by the cabin.

We will be doing a bunch to the cabin and land.   We hope to do daily updates depending on the internet.   Dont want to drive 28 miles to Mc D do upload video's and blog entries but we will see.

Thanks for following our blog.   God Bless.


update . working to go home to the cabin

We have a load to Cali then we should be on a load towards home.   Then the fun begins.  The install of the rest of the solar, water collection.  The wiring and plumbing of the cabin and what ever else we can get done.  Maybe even the wind turbine and a few visitors.

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